Here introduce Omamori

Omamori is a web service aims to provide your computers and accounts extra security. After applying our service, you can lock your devices thru our web portal or mobile apps. So that no user can login your devices or web accounts even they got the correct password. Besides, you can get email and mobile phone notification when your accounts being login.

How Omamori works?

For devices and web accounts registered Omamori service, when there is someone trying to login, they will ask Omamori server to check if they should be locked. If yes, users will be blocked or logged off to prevent unauthorized access. Users can also enable notification to get alert once their accounts are logged in.


1. Someone tries to login your device/account
2. Your device/account send a login signal to Omamori server, and check if it should be locked or not
3. User login will be blocked if you had locked the device in Omamori server
4. Send notification to you for the login event
What devices do we support?

We support Windows, Mac, Linux and different self-developed web applications. If you had major OS platform want us to support, please drop us a mail in Customer Support section. We will review and consider your suggestion.


Enjoy Your Free Services

For every account, users can register 5 devices for free with basic services. Users are only required to pay if they got more to protect or when they demand premium service. Please visit our FAQ page for details.


You can integrate the Omamori API into your applications to support 2-factor authentication or implement the whole system within your company network to manage everything by yourselves. We provide services to facilitate you and your staff to achieve your goals. If you choose Omamori to secure your company, you can view devices up report, setup rules and lock time for non-office hours, and even prohibit access when the devices are stolen or taken out of the office. If you would like to know more about our service, please contact us in the Customer Support section. You can also reach us at


Mobile Apps

Get our mobile app to get mobile notification and manage your devices and accounts conveniently.


Customer Support

Please visit our web portal to register a new account. You can also visit our FAQ page to know more about our service. For any question, simply drop us a mail below.


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