App Development
We provide app development services for different industries and different purposes. We create fast and responsive native apps with official SDK as well as renowned third party development engine like Unity. For large scale project requiring server-client communication, we could implement both sides in an efficient and secured manner. If you are interested, please simply drop a mail to us in the Contact Us page to discuss more details.
Secure App Application
With information system security knowhow, we include security considerations in design phase, from both software architecture and internal infrastructure point of view. We will discuss with customer the security risks for different design and provide relevant recommendations. For critical mobile app, we could include a security assessment service after app completion with a package price. As a result, customers can rest assured that their products are secured and well protected.
Workflow of Developing Mobile App
Below is our general workflow for an app development project.
1. App Development Request from Customer
2. Discuss Objectives, Styles, Details and Price with Customer
3. Provide Layout, Logic Flow and Design Draft for Customer Confirmation
4. Confirm Schedule and Details with Customer
5. Working Plan Sign-off by Customer
6. Perform Development by labo00
Customer will know development progress by receiving regular updates
7. User Acceptance Test (UAT)
8. Project Complete
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